About Us / Giving Back

HeD☮’s  mission is to create a dialogue addressing addiction and the opioid epidemic.  We are dedicated to empowering those who have lost someone they love to addiction. The reality is, losing a child is the most traumatic loss any parent will ever suffer. It is simply impossible to navigate the wreckage that is left behind. 

  • HeD ☮ is working with Senators, and other lawmakers to further legislation to combat this epidemic in our state.
  • HeD ☮ is committed to making a difference, being a voice for those who need to know that it's okay to ask for help
  • HeD ☮ sits on the Waunakee Community Cares Coalition, we must start in our own communities.
  • We have met with WI's Attorney General, Senators, and Congress people to share ideas and make our presence known
  • HeD ☮ has visited states that have been decimated by this epidemic with the hope of sharing knowledge of what is and is not working
  • HeD ☮ is working on writing curriculum for our schools to educate them on this very real and deadly topic
  • HeD ☮ is producing a powerful documentary depicting the effects of addiction in our state
  • HeD ☮ has donated hundreds of ☮'s to very visible organizations such as athletic teams, to further the mission of a meaningful dialogue

Our biggest project to date: HeD ☮ is currently working towards our goal of raising enough funds to donate beds for those who need treatment but do not have access or cannot afford this potentially life-changing gift. 

“Our goal as devastated families, is to inform, inspire, and create a dialogue by eliminating the stigma associated with addiction”

Headbands made with love in a peaceful environment

Each of our HeD☮’s  are

  • Handmade in Madison, WI

  • Cotton/Spandex, with a 4 way Stretch

  • All are double thickness to prevent rolling

  • One size fits all

  • Bands stay in place

  • Made for sports, recreation, fitness & of course fashion

  • Available in so many awesome patterns