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Our Story

HeD☮ headbands and Bro Bands were created by a devastated mother who wants to provide information and inspiration, while creating a dialogue for those families, friends, siblings, and parents who have struggled with addiction, specifically heroin. The stigma and lack of education by those who wish this disease would go away is silencing those who need to find their voice the most.

The creation of this line is bittersweet and close to my heart. I lost my beautiful, loved beyond words, son Cody, to a heroin overdose in 2013. As depicted in the media all over this country, in small towns, cities and rural areas, this monster called HEROIN is killing our children in epic proportions. It steals our children and gives them back to us to bury.

As a devastated family, our goal is to inform, inspire, and create a dialogue by eliminating the stigma associated with addiction. Therefore a portion of every HeD☮ sold will be designated to addiction awareness. We will partner with schools, law enforcement, lawmakers, and anyone else who will listen.

Thank you! We hope you enjoy your HeD☮

Love, Gratitude & of course ☮